Narrow-band imaging is one of the advanced imaging systems used to enhance endoscopic images using optic digital methods to visualize the mucosal surface architecture and microvascular pattern. It works on the principle of providing white light of a specific wavelength that gets absorbed by hemoglobin and penetrates the surface of human tissues. It is an important and very useful tool by enabling doctors to decide on the best treatment and detect so many factors clearly like

  1. Lesions in the digestive tract.
  2. Difference between benign and malignant lesions
  3. Prediction of the risk of invasive cancer
  4. Identification of Barrett’s esophagus
  5. Differentiation between Colorectal Polyps and tumors
  6. Identification of atypical dysplastic cells in ulcerative colitis cases and many others.

Narrowband Imaging improves diagnosis accuracy. So here at Roy gastro and liver center, we have experienced professionals for performing quality narrow-band imaging methods. It is quite a cost-effective process that identifies micro-changes in the cells. So that disease can be cured in the early stage.