Polypectomy is a process, which is usually performed to take out Polyps from the inside of the colon or large intestine. Polyps are generally a collection of small tissues that grow on the inside wall of large intestine or Colon, usually near the rectum. The polypectomy is quite a noninvasive procedure and is typically carried out at the same time while performing Colonoscopy.

Generally, Polyps are small in size and cause no symptoms. But in some cases, it grows to a bigger size and interrupts the normal bowel function causing

  1. Constipation or in some cases diarrhea
  2. bleeding in stool
  3. Abdominal pain
  4. Bowel irregularities

The most serious distress is that in some cases colon polyps contain cancerous cells which can be very much dangerous for health. The only thing which can help is early detection and removal of polyps from the colon if present.

At Roy Gastro and Liver Center, Our proficient Doctor will examine properly to observe your condition. If you have diagnosed with particular symptoms, a proper Colonoscopy will be performed to examine the condition. Generally, there are several ways to do polypectomy. But our doctor will choose the best method depending on the kind of polyps developed in your colon.

Commonly, Polypectomy is carried out during the time of Colonoscopy. In this process, a long, thin, and flexible Colonoscpe will be inserted into the rectum to see all fragments of your colon.

In the case of small polyps (Less than 4-5 mm in diameter), it can be removed by biopsy forceps. But in the large cases (up to 2-3cm in diameter), the snare is used. In this process a thin wire will be looped around the polyp and heat will be provided to cut the growth of it. Remaining tissues or stalks are then cauterized for complete safety. For some cases in large polyps, it can be removed endoscopically or in some cases, bowel surgery may be needed.

In polypectomy, the recovery is usually quick. In some cases minor side effects such as gassiness, bloating, and cramps are seen, which usually resolve within 24 hours. The only thing you have to do is to follow the instructions which our doctor will give you and do follow up colonoscopy to check the polypectomy performed is successful and to ensure there are no further polyps are found.